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Cosmetic Dentist Serving Beverly Hills : Dr.Marjan Mirani

Dr. Marjan Mirani, Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist, is a renowned board certified dentist using state of the art technology to help her patients restore their smiles and maintain an optimal level of dental health.  She believes healthy teeth and gums are not only a powerful source of self confidence but they are the driving force behind overall body health and she prides herself in being able to cosmetically restore cracked, discolored, chipped, crooked, missing or worn down teeth.

Dr. Mirani’s philosophy is to use state of the art dental technology and advanced cosmetic dentistry techniques to artistically create a healthy, naturally looking smile and to support a patient’s general health through a consistent program of oral hygiene and at home care.

Cosmetic dentistry with a kind and gentle touch is our specialty.

Dr. Mirani, cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills is aware that many people are afraid of visiting dentists for various personal reasons including previous traumatic experiences.  She and her staff understand that sometimes patients will forego necessary cosmetic and restorative dental treatments in order to avoid confronting their dental fears.  Dr. Mirani, Beverly Hills dentist, and the entire staff are especially sensitive to these issues and starting with a relaxed office atmosphere and soft speaking voices, they strive to create a calm, respectful, soothing atmosphere for all patients.  The entire staff is open to any special requests needed to reduce stress and are trained to focus on providing a relaxing chair side manner. 

When your mouth is unhealthy the rest of your body suffers not only from physical pain but your internal organs and immune system become stressed from defending against bacteria and other foreign organisms. Overtime, the human body begins to break down and other apparently unrelated issues such as heart disease and premature birth can arise.

Dr. Mirani’s Beverly Hills office is conveniently located for patients living and working throughout the Los Angeles area and her years of experience provide her with knowledge to fix virtually any cosmetic dentistry problem. Location and experience make Dr. Mirani a wise choice for cosmetic dentistry in the Los Angeles area.

So, if you are feeling tooth or gum pain, don’t like the way your teeth look or just haven’t visited the dentist in while, contact Dr. Mirani’s office today at (310) 858-5933 to schedule an appointment and begin the process of enjoying the many long term benefits of a healthy smile and proper oral hygiene.

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