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Dental Onlays Beverly Hills

Dental Onlays Beverly HillsDr. Mirani, Beverly Hills dentist, recommends using dental onlays when a tooth’s cusp (those small bumps on the top tooth surface) have been damaged and a traditional filling or crown is not the right size to properly repair the tooth’s decayed, fractured or cracked surface area. Onlays are bigger than traditional fillings and smaller than crowns so they are perfect for those unique in between areas when a regular filling is not enough to do the job and a crown is considered overkill.

What are Dental Onlays and how do they work?

Dental onlays are considered conservative dental restorations that try to preserves as much healthy tooth area as possible and are used to repair molars (rear teeth) that have a mild to moderate amount of decay. Dental onlays are used to treat teeth that have decay or damage to one or more of a tooth’s cusp lying within their indented top surfaces. They can also be used to restore teeth that are cracked or fractured if the damage is not severe enough to require a dental crown.

In addition, their customized nature allows dentists to securely bond them to the tooth surface, adding structural integrity and preventing bacteria from entering and forming cavities. They can also be used to replace old or damaged metal fillings.  Dental onlays are usually made from porcelain, composite resin, and sometimes even from gold. Because they can be created from tooth-colored materials, inlays are often used to replace metal fillings for patients who desire a more natural looking smile.

What will the Onlay procedure with Dr. Mirani be like?

Onlay placement is usually carried out over two appointments. During your first visit with Dr. Mirani, the tooth will be prepped by cleaning and removing any decay from the tooth’s surface. Dr. Mirani will take time to shape the tooth by making sure it is receptive for the onlay. Afterwards, an impression of your teeth will be taken, and a temporary onlay will be placed over the tooth.

Dr. Mirani will then send the impression off to a dental lab, which will create the onlay to match your tooth's specifications. When you return to Dr. Mirani’s Beverly Hills office, the temporary onlay will be removed and the permanent one will be placed carefully over your tooth. The onlay will be tested to assure it fits. Minor adjustments will be made on the onlays and then it will be permanently bonded to the tooth.  There is no downtime after receiving a dental onlay, only a mild level of tenderness in the treated area, so you can return to work or other activities as soon as you leave the office.

How do I know if a Dental Inlay is right for me?

Dr. Mirani helps dental patients throughout Beverly Hills to achieve optimal oral health through cosmetic dentistry, restorations, regular checkups and cleanings. Call Dr. Mirani’s office today at (310) 858-5933 or email us to schedule your appointment and learn more about dental onlays

Dr. Mirani is a cosmetic dentist serving  Beverly Hills.

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