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Dental Sealants Beverly Hills

Dr. Mirani, Beverly Hills dentist, recommends dental sealants for patients who are susceptible to cavities and or have deep grooves in their teeth as a way to protect the enamel from plaque and acids which overtime will cause dental decay.

What are dental sealants and how do they work?

Dental sealants are basically a barrier created to keep food and food particles from touching your teeth.  A clear film is painted over the flat surface of the tooth and when it solidifies the tooth becomes protected from cavity causing debris.  Focus is usually placed on the rear molars because they do most of the heavy chewing and naturally contain the deepest crevices where food can become lodged.

It only takes a few minutes to seal each tooth and the application can last up to a couple of years under normal wear and tear before reapplication is needed.

What happens during a Dental Sealant Application?

Applying dental sealants is quite simple and may be done by a dental hygienist or dentist. First, the teeth are cleaned; then the teeth to be sealed are dabbed with a very mild acid solution similar in strength to vinegar or lemon juice. This roughens the tooth surface slightly so that the sealant will bond to it. After the tooth is prepared, the sealant is painted onto the tooth. It flows into the pits and grooves and hardens in about 60 seconds. After sealing, bacteria cannot reach the pits and grooves and cause decay. Applying dental sealants requires no drilling or removal of the tooth surface.

Dental sealants will not result in any change in bite because they are very thin and only fill the pits and grooves. At first they may feel somewhat bulky, but a few days of normal chewing will wear the sealants into place.

Why is sealing a tooth better than waiting for decay and filling a cavity?

Dental sealants help to keep teeth healthy by protecting them from decay that destroys your tooth. Each time a tooth is filled or a dental filling is replaced, more tooth surface is lost. Silver fillings last about six to eight years before they need to be replaced. Using sealants saves time and money and helps to keep teeth healthy.

How do I make an appointment with Dr. Mirani for an examination and Cleaning?

Dr. Mirani helps dental patients throughout  Beverly Hills to achieve optimal oral heath through regular cosmetic dentistry, restoration, checkups and cleanings. Call Dr. Mirani’s office today at (310) 858-5933 or email us to schedule your appointment and learn more about Sealants, General Examinations and Cleanings. 

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