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Different Trends in Cosmetic Dentistry

Different Trends in Cosmetic DentistryA bright, attractive smile can provide a powerful boost to your self-confidence. Although keeping your teeth clean and seeking timely routine dental care are the most important ingredients in a healthy smile, cosmetic treatments can enhance your teeth. Dr. Mirani, cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills, can offer you a variety of options tailored to your specific needs.

White dental fillings are one of the most popular options for enhancing and perfecting your smile. Traditional metal fillings often turn dark and can stain your teeth. We can replace those unsightly fillings with tooth colored fillings that are designed to closely match the natural color of your teeth for a more subtle, natural-looking restoration. Dental bonding is similar. When teeth are chipped, cracked or even stained, our dentist can use composite resin to correct the surface damage and provide a smooth, lustrous appearance that matches your other teeth.

Teeth whitening is another popular treatment that can dramatically enhance the appearance of your teeth. Stains caused by foods, beverages and nicotine can leave your smile dingy and age your entire appearance. We may recommend a professional cleaning before a whitening treatment to allow the whitening gel to penetrate more evenly and dissolve stains located deep inside the teeth without affecting the natural structure of your teeth. Teeth with severe intrinsic stains, chips, gaps, cracks or minor misalignments may benefit from porcelain veneers, thin shells that are bonded to the fronts of teeth, instead.

Our specialist for cosmetic dentistry in Beverly Hills, Dr. Mirani, can help you explore your options so that you can smile more beautifully and confidently. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

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