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Digital X-Rays Beverly Hills

Our goal at Dr. Mirani’s office is to assure the latest technological advancement in dentistry that reduces any potential health issue for patients. That’s why we use digital dental x-rays; it reduces the patient’s expose to radiation up to 80% and it allows for a detailed analysis of teeth, gums and jawbone.

What are Digital X-Rays and how do they work?

Digital dental X-Rays use an electronic sensor (instead of x-ray film) to capture and store digital images on a computer.  The image can be instantly viewed and enlarged helping the dentist to detect problems faster and more accurately. Digital X-Rays can also incorporate color coding to highlight problems like decay inside the teeth. The greatest advantage of all is the X-ray can be developed into 3-D images, pinpointing problems precisely.

Another advantages of digital dental X-Rays is that the radiographs can be digitally compared to previous radiographs in a process called subtraction radiography. The computer can digitally compare the two images, subtract out everything that is the same and give a clear image of anything that is different. This means that tiny changes that may not be noticeable with the naked eye can be caught earlier and more clearly with digital-subtraction radiography.

With the use of digital X-Rays, Dr. Mirani, Beverly Hills dentist, can also send the images of your teeth immediately to a specialist if she needs to refer a patient to another doctor or simply to get a second opinion for a diagnosis or treatment program. Digital x-rays can help to identify abscesses, bone loss from gum disease, cavities, cysts, impacted teeth, extra teeth and tumors

What is it like to take Digital X-rays?

The digital x-ray process is painless and somewhat more comfortable to take than traditional x-rays.  

A technician glides a small electronic sensor inside a patient’s mouth. The sensor sends digital images to a computer in the exam room where they can be viewed and saved. Unlike traditional x-rays, the patient is not required to bite down on small plates of plastic or cardboard. In the old way, the plate that holds x-ray film causes many patients to gag. This process is repeated several times in order to get views of the patient’s entire mouth. 

How often are Digital X-Rays Needed?

X-rays are usually required upon a new patient’s initial examination. Otherwise, X-Rays are usually needed every 2-3 years for patients with no oral health problems. However, patients who are high risk for cavities or advanced gum disease may need x-rays more frequently.  Remember, to take your x-rays with you if you change dentists, so if they are current, you will not have to repeat the procedure with the new doctor.

How do I know if need Digital X-Rays?

Dr. Mirani helps dental patients throughout Beverly Hills to achieve optimal oral heath through regular checkups, x-rays and cleanings. Call Dr. Mirani’s office today at (310) 858-5933 or email us to schedule your appointment and learn more about digital X-Rays, general examinations and cleanings. 


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