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Los Angeles Dental Veneer: the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Q. Los Angeles residents: How to pick the best dentist for my veneer?
A. Make sure the dentist is truly experienced, uses great material and a great ceramist!

Los Angeles Dental Veneer

For a perfect dental office visit that gives you satisfying response, much is involved, way more than the knowledge and skill of dentists themselves. The whole dental team, from the receptionist to the orthodontist to all the other staff member, must work compassionately and harmonized to create a smooth experience for you.

The choice of right people in a dental team comes to play a major role in dental veneers. You might have seen those bad veneer jobs that glow in the dark, or the ones that their different color are detectable in first glance. What you may not know is that the big part of the succession of the dental veneer job is determined by the ceramist.

Dentists can choose to work with “stylist” ceramists who actually sculpt and hand-craft each veneer for you, or they can opt for a “wholesale” veneer manufacturer that is way cheaper and of course not much caring about the necessary color match.

Beside the skillfulness of the ceramists, the material they use can determine your confidence in smiling as well: when fabricating veneers, the porcelain material that is used should have a good structure inside and reflect light in the same manner that human enamel naturally do.

Unlike many Los Angeles cosmetic dentists who do not deal with the technical aspect of proper veneer fabrication process, Dr. Mirani believes choosing the best material and best technicians in the process is vital to ensure superb porcelain aesthetics when offering high-level cosmetic dentistry. She believes that perfect veneer blends well with your other tooth, lasts long and is interpreted as beautiful teeth. That is why she has a highly skilled ceramist on her veneer team and strictly uses the porcelain material of the highest quality. This is the key factor in great porcelain veneers and staying away from the bad and ugly ones.

Los Angeles-based cosmetic dentist Dr. Mirani is very meticulous in picking up the best specialist in each area. And after years of experience in cosmetic and family dentistry in Westwood, Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, she has put together and manages a highly skilled dental team that gives patients a truly genuine dental care and beautiful smile.

Take a look at the dental veneer photos of Dr. Mirani’s actual patients and see for yourself the beautiful natural veneer that you can achieve at Dr. Mirani’s office. If you need a consultation for your veneer procedure, please call the office of Dr. Mirani at (310) 475-6363

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