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Methods for Teeth Whitening

Methods for Teeth WhiteningAre your teeth stained or discolored? Numerous options for teeth whitening are available today, and they can help you restore the bright, white smile you crave. Our cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills can help you find the treatment that is best for you.

Teeth whitening treatments generally contain peroxide to open the pores of the teeth and penetrate the dentin under the enamel to lift stains away. Not all teeth whitening treatments are equally effective, however. Over-the-counter whitening treatments are limited in the amount of peroxide they can contain. They still contain peroxide, however, which can irritate sensitive oral tissues if they are allowed to contact gums, lips or cheeks or if they are overused.

In-office whitening treatments use a more powerful peroxide solution. A dental professional will paint it directly onto your teeth and activate it using a special light, which can help it penetrate even more deeply. This process takes just about an hour, and your teeth will be significantly whiter. Take-home treatments are also available. These use a powerful whitening solution combined with customized mouth trays that limit the contact between soft tissues and the bleaching gel.

Teeth whitening is becoming more popular than ever. If you are ready to unveil a whiter, brighter smile, our specialist in teeth whitening in Beverly Hills can help you learn more about your options. We can provide you with treatments that minimize your risk for sensitivity and irritation while maximizing your results. Contact us to learn more or to schedule your appointment.

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