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Oral Surgery

Oral SurgeryOral surgery is most commonly used for dental extractions. Although preserving the natural teeth is generally the best course of action, extraction may be recommended for several reasons in order to maintain good dental health. Wisdom teeth extraction is one of the most common reasons teeth are extracted.

The last teeth to develop, wisdom teeth, or third molars, may become impacted between the jawbone and the gum tissue when there is not enough room in the jaw for them to fully erupt. Impacted wisdom teeth can be painful, and they may be more prone to infection. Even when they are asymptomatic, impacted wisdom teeth can push other teeth into misalignments and permanently damage the surrounding teeth and bones. Removing impacted teeth before they cause problems is the preferred course of action. Although wisdom teeth are most likely to become impacted, other teeth may also fail to erupt properly, including cuspids and bicuspids, and need to be removed through extraction or oral surgery.

Dental implants are another common reason many people opt for oral surgery. Dental implant treatment is a restoration option for those who have lost teeth to infection, decay or accidents. They replace the roots of the missing teeth and act as a foundation for the artificial tooth. The best candidates for dental implants have sufficient bone density to stabilize the implants. Those who smoke, have uncontrolled high blood pressure or certain other health conditions may not be appropriate candidates for implants. Oral surgery may be recommended to treat other dental health conditions as well, including periodontal disease.

If you need dental surgery, our dentist will provide you with anesthesia to eliminate pain, and we will work with you to ensure you have a comfortable, relaxed experience. Each individual is unique, and treatment recommendations may vary widely. It is important to discuss your needs and goals with our Beverly Hills dentist for the best treatment outcomes.

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