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Porcelain Crowns Beverly Hills

Porcelain Dental Crowns in Beverly Hills CA 90212

Dr. Mirani is renowned for her state of the art porcelain crowns procedures that successfully solves a variety of cosmetic and structural problems. Dr Mirani employs crowns to repair a cracked tooth, support large fillings when there isn’t a large viable tooth remaining, cover badly shaped teeth, protect week teeth from fracturing and cover discolored teeth.

What are crowns and how do they work?

A porcelain crown is a restorative procedure that covers, or "caps," a tooth in order to restore it to its normal shape and size.  Once completed, the tooth will have new surfaces on all sides and not only will the appearance of the tooth be improved, but the entire structure will be stronger, allowing your bite to return to a normal, healthy state. Dental crowns can only be used on a tooth with a healthy root as its purpose is to replace the outer protective shell of a tooth that is so damaged or decayed it will never be able to survive the stress of normal wear and tear.

There are two types of common crowns: gold and porcelain. While gold crowns are stronger than porcelain crowns, they are not as cosmetically appealing. Sometimes gold crowns are a viable option for rear molars because these teeth are not visible unless a person has their mouth wide open. However, porcelain is usually the best cosmetic option because once the procedure is completed no one will be able tell the tooth is different from the other teeth in your mouth.

How do porcelain crowns differ from veneers?

Dental crowns cover the entire tooth surface while veneers cover only the front of the tooth.  While both crowns and veneers are made of the same porcelain material, porcelain veneers are used more for cosmetic purposes and are usually used only on the front teeth. Dental crowns can be used anywhere in the mouth and are used to save an otherwise healthy tooth that has severe structural damage to the outer protective “shell.”  In both cases, no one will be able to notice you have a crown or veneer because both will match the other teeth in your mouth.

What happens when I have a Crown put in my mouth?

Dr. Mirani will first numb the tooth and then reduce it in size so that the cap will fit over the top.  She will then make an impression of your tooth in order for the cap to look identical to all of the other teeth in your mouth.  The impression will also help assure the tooth is a proper fit with the adjacent teeth and aid in making sure your bite remains healthy after the procedure is complete. The impression is sent off to a lab where the crown will be manufactured.   Dr. Mirani will then fabricate and place a temporary crown on the tooth before you leave the office.

In about two weeks you will return to the office and the second half of the procedure will begin.  The tooth will again be numbed and the temporary crown will be removed.  Dr. Mirani will then test the new crown for fit and once some minor adjustments are made, she will permanently cement the crown to the reduced tooth.

How do I know if porcelain crowns are right for me?

Dr. Mirani, dentist in Beverly Hills helps dental patients throughout Beverly Hills to achieve optimal oral heath through cosmetic and restorative dentistry, regular checkups and cleanings. Call Dr. Mirani’s office today at (310) 858-5933 or email us to schedule your appointment and learn more about porcelain crowns



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