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Teeth Bleaching Beverly Hills

Teeth Bleaching Beverly HillsTeeth bleaching is one of our most popular procedures. Our in-office chair-side whitening treatments produce dramatic results in just one visit, and he process is simple, pain-free and fast. If you want stunning results that are long-lasting and can eliminate stains from foods, wine, cola, coffee and lifestyle habits, such as smoking, leaving your teeth between six and 10 shades whiter, we can help. We will work with you to determine the best teeth bleaching solution to provide you with the bright, healthy smile you want.

Our Beverly Hills teeth bleaching expert may recommend a professional cleaning before any whitening treatment to ensure the bleaching solution can penetrate more evenly and deeply. Your teeth and gums will also need to be intact, healthy and free of infection or inflammation that could be aggravated by any cosmetic procedure. The whitening solution may then be applied directly to your teeth and activated so that it can penetrate to the deeper layers of your teeth to remove stains, and leave your teeth looking sparkling fresh and bright. Other whitening options are available. Our expert in teeth bleaching in Beverly Hills can help you determine which treatment or procedure will best meet your unique needs. If you have certain restorations, including fillings or dental bridges, on your front teeth, traditional bleaching procedures may not be appropriate for you.

Beverly Hills Teeth Bleaching

If you have teeth that are stained due to smoking, wine, colas, coffee, tea, berries, tomato sauce, curries or other foods and lifestyle habits, the right procedure for tooth bleaching in Beverly Hills can eliminate those stains and restore your teeth to their original color in no time. You will not have to deal with sticky strips, messy over-the-counter solutions or ill-fitting trays that can expose your gums to harsh or irritating bleaching solutions. Instead, you can benefit from the skills of our Beverly Hills teeth bleaching expert who can provide you with the right teeth whitening treatment or dental procedure for your needs while ensuring your teeth and gums stay healthy and strong.

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