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Top Seven Cosmetic Dental Procedures As Recommended by Dr. Mirani

Cosmetic Dentistry Los Angeles tooth veneerWhile traditional dentistry is mostly focused on oral hygiene, diagnosing and treating oral disease, cosmetic dentistry, the beloved outgrowth of technology and modern dentistry, is a highly valuable family of cosmetic dental procedure for improving the appearance of a person’s teeth, mouth and of course smile, not to mention their side restorative, corrective and preventive functions that contribute to your oral health.

Dr. Mirani believes that a beautiful healthy smile is one of the indicators of a person’s overall health and highly affects people’s confidence and happiness.

For any kind of cosmetic dental procedures, it is very crucial that you be in safe hands of an experienced and responsible doctor who can alertly diagnose your oral conditions and creatively solve them for you. Dr. Mirani is reputed as such a dentist. Here is a list of top cosmetic procedures recommended by Dr. Mirani.

Teeth Whitening or Bleaching

An almost instant procedure with great results. Teeth whitening these days is faster, easier and more effective than ever before.

Dental Implants

Dental implants is a modern alternative to traditional dentures because it gives naturally looking teeth and feels in the right shape and place in mouth too. The teeth will be planted directly into the bones so you will not have to worry about an embarrassing teeth falling off anymore.

Dental Bonding
Dr. Mirani highly recommends dental bonding to fix any kind of crooked, broken or injured teeth.

Veneers are usually made of porcelain to achieve shiny and white teeth. Dr. Mirani recommends veneers for patients with tooth discoloration or heavy stains.

White Fillings (Composites)
Instead of traditional metallic filling that are used to repair the holes in teeth, Dr. Mirani advises her patients to use tooth colored filling to make it highly match and blended with the natural color of your teeth. You can achieve a more natural confident look with these kinds of fillings.

Dental Contouring
Dr. Mirani recommends contouring to align or straighten overlapped or crooked teeth. It could also help people who have problems with the shape of their teeth. The procedure is relatively simple but can make a great deal of change in the way your teeth appear.

Gum Grafting

With aging and gum disease the gum around the teeth may recess. Recessed gum make teeth look longer because now more area of the teeth is exposed. This can give an unsightly look to your mouth and makes your mouth at risk of being infected by bacteria easier. Gum grafting can restore your gums to its natural length so they can work as a shield against bacteria and of course give you a more beautiful smile.

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