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Zoom! Teeth Whitening Beverly Hills

Teeth Whitening Beverly Hills
Zoom! Teeth Whitening System is Dr. Mirani’s No. 1 recommendation for teeth whitening because of its ability to create a comprehensive, vibrant and natural smile without having to endure any unnecessary discomfort or complicated long term procedures.

Dr. Mirani recommends Zoom! to her Los Angeles based celebrity clients who are seeking a dramatic, fast, long lasting and safe way to whiten their teeth 6-10 shades lighter. 

Why use the Zoom! Whitening System?

ZOOM! is believed to work better than any other in-office or home-based whitening procedures.

ZOOM! treatments are performed during a single visit to Dr. Mirani’s Beverly Hills office, take less than one hour to complete and remove common discolorations caused by coffee, colas, tobacco, red wine, tea, aging, old restorations or the use of tetracycline.

There is no need to deal with at home strips, rinses, or paint on gels which take extended periods of time to work, provide uneven results and may possibly damage your teeth if not used properly or with too much frequency.

How does the Zoom! Whitening System work?

The basis of Zoom! Whitening system is a proprietary gel which utilizes a 25% hydrogen peroxide whitener. However, the whitener by itself does not make your teeth brighter because it must be activated by Zoom’s uniquely designed blue laser manufactured by Discus Dental, Inc.  The light from the laser breaks down the hydrogen peroxide gel. As the whitener breaks down, oxygen enters your tooth’s enamel and dentin bleaching stains and discolorations while leaving the rest of the tooth unchanged.

What will my office visit with Dr. Mirani be like?

Dr. Mirani and her experienced dental team strive to make each patient visit a calm and pleasant experience.  The Zoom! treatment is possibly one of the most non-invasive procedures available and most of your visit will be spent relaxing in the dental chair.  Dr. Mirani or her assistants will first place a specially designed guard in your mouth to create space between your lips and teeth and to assure your jaw muscles will not become fatigued during the treatment process.  Once in place, a protective paste is applied to your gum tissue to reduce any potential irritation from the whitening agent. The hydrogen peroxide based gel is then precisely applied to each of your teeth.

Dr. Mirani will activate the gel by systematically directing the Zoom’s blue light to your teeth.  Each application takes about fifteen minutes to complete and the light does not create any significant temperatures changes.  However, some people with sensitive teeth may experience minor irritation which can be alleviated with additional topical gels.  The entire session is broken down into three applications and after 45-60 minutes your teeth will be significantly brighter and have clean, polished look.

Dr. Mirani will also provide you with a Zoom! home kit which is used for occasional touch-ups.  Your smile will remain brighter for quite some time if you properly take care of your teeth by flossing daily, brushing your teeth twice a day and use the touch up paste when needed.

Will the Zoom! Whitening System Work with Veneers?

The Zoom system will have no effect upon the color of your veneers because they are made of porcelain that does not react to the hydrogen peroxide based gel.  You can whiten the natural teeth to match the porcelain veneers only if they are lighter than the surrounding natural teeth.  You may consider zoom first and then changing your veneers if your veneers are darker than your natural teeth. This decision should be made only after a consultation with Dr. Mirani as there may be other alternatives which may be more beneficial towards achieving your specific cosmetic goal.

How do I know if the Zoom! System is right for me?

Call Dr. Mirani’s office today at (310) 858-5933 or email us to schedule your appointment and learn more about the Zoom! Whitening System. 


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