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Dental Implants Beverly Hills

Dental Implants Beverly HillsDr. Mirani, Beverly Hills dentist recommends dental implants for patients who have experienced tooth loss and are searching for a permanent solution to restore their smile to an aesthetically pleasing and natural state.

Why choose Dental Implants to replace a lost tooth?

Dr. Mirani feels one of the strongest reasons patients are satisfied with permanent tooth implants is they can once again eat and smile with confidence because the new implant looks and acts just like the original tooth.  More importantly, patients have a greater chance of preserving the structural integrity of the gum tissue, jaw bone and remaining natural teeth because these dental components are no longer under the daily stress created by traditional dentures and bridges.
Ignoring lost teeth by allowing a gap to remain in the mouth can also lead to various dental problems which may at first appear unrelated to the missing tooth.  Dental Implants provide crucial support for both opposite and neighboring teeth.  Over time, issues such as shifting teeth, bite problems, bone loss, and gum problems may occur if open gaps are not filled, leading to more intricate and costly dental procedures.  The outer physical features of the patient’s face will also be negatively impacted if bone loss becomes a reality.

How do Dental Implants Work?

A Titanium screw is implanted directly into the patient’s jawbone and this becomes a permanent replacement for the root of the original tooth. The human body does not reject Titanium, unlike other foreign substances, and during the healing process the “new root” becomes fused to the jawbone through a process called “osseointegration.”  The jawbone is so accepting of the titanium that the bone actually grows around the screw, allowing the final prosthetic tooth to have a strong, stable and permanent foundation.
An abutment is then carefully anchored to the new titanium root, creating a bridge between the titanium root and the new tooth. The abutment appears partially below the gum line and partially above.  The porcelain crown is then placed on the abutment and the process is complete.

What will the Dental Implant Procedure be like?

The dental implant procedure will normally require three office visits.  During the first visit the titanium screw will be implanted into the jawbone.  The procedure should take about an hour of chair time and in most cases Dr. Mirani recommends a soft food diet while the gums heal. The procedure involves stitches and you may require a minimal amount of pain medication.
Several months will have to pass before the next step can be completed because the jawbone requires time to fuse to the titanium screw in order to create a stable foundation for the porcelain crown.  The abutment will then be attached during the second visit.

While this is a minor procedure compared to the first, in most cases the patient will have to return to a soft diet for a couple of days. In about two weeks the patient will return to the office for the final placement of the porcelain crown.   This procedure is very simple and does not require any recovery time.

How do I know if Dental Implants are right for me?

Call Dr. Mirani’s office today at (310) 858-5933 or email us to schedule your appointment and learn more about dental implants

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