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Dr. Mirani, Beverly Hills dentist, understands Teeth Grinding (Bruxism) is a serious problem and if uncorrected the habit can not only negatively impact teeth and gums but may also result in hearing loss and a misshapen jaw line. Grinding your teeth on a regular basis will prematurely age and loosen your teeth. Other problems such as hypersensitivity will also develop overtime because as the grinding continues small cracks form and the tooth’s dentin becomes exposed. Dr. Mirani will usually provide the patient with a night guard to wear during the day and especially at night in order to stop the damage from continuing.  Real healing occurs when the patient goes through the process of understanding the causes behind the grinding.

What causes Bruxism?

The general belief is that Bruxism is caused by stress and anxiety. The body naturally tenses up when it expects to be bombarded by some type of trauma. Stress creates the expectation that something bad is about to happen and the clenching is a reaction to anticipation of the upcoming event. Other known causes include an improper bite which causes the patient to initiate the grinding process. The patient falls into a habit of clenching their teeth in order to feel more comfortable.  Sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and snoring can also start the grinding process because the body is unable to complete a normal sleep cycle.   Studies have shown that abstaining from alcohol, caffeine, and smoking will reduce teeth grinding.

What are the symptoms of Bruxism?

Normally a person does not realize they are suffering from Bruxism because the constant grinding becomes a natural part of their everyday experience. Regular visits to Dr. Mirani’s Beverly Hills office will help determine if you are suffering from this sometimes uncontrollable habit because she will be able to notice changes in you bite as well unnatural wear and tear on your teeth and gums. She may also ask you specific behavioral questions which can bring attention to the issues behind the grinding.

Outside of her office you should pay particular attention to some of the following physical attributes associated with the dysfunction. Common symptoms include: Waking up at night with your teeth clenched, flattened or chipped teeth, sensitive teeth, pain and tightness in the jaws and its muscles, regular ear aches, tension headaches, facial pains and visual damaged to cheek tissue.

If you grind your teeth a lot you will be exercising the masseter muscle which is situated at the angle of your jaw. This can mean the muscle will become over developed and resulting in a broadening of your jaw, giving you a more square jawed and masculine appearance.

How can Dr. Mirani HelpTreat Bruxism?

The most immediate way to stop the premature aging of the teeth and gums is to wear a night guard before going to sleep at night. Dr. Mirani will take an impression of your teeth and send it off to the lab where a night guard will be manufactured to exactly fit the shape of your teeth.  When you return to the office she will make some minor adjustments to the night guard making sure your jaw is moving properly and your bite remains healthy.  When the night guard is in place your teeth will no longer make contact with each other at night and the grinding will not be able to damage your enamel.

The primary way to treat Bruxism is to find the reason behind the stress, poor bite or sleep disorder. Dr. Mirani can introduce you to certain relaxation techniques which can help you work through stressful situations. If the issue relates to your bite she will also be able to employ various dental procedures ensuring optimal oral health.

How do I know if suffer from Bruxism?

Dr. Marini helps dental patients throughout  Beverly Hills to achieve optimal oral heath through regular Cosmetic Dentistry, Restorations, checkups and cleanings. Call Dr. Mirani’s office today at (310) 858-5933 or email us to schedule your appointment and learn more about Bruxism and the use of night guards to minimize premature aging of teeth and gums. 


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