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A wonderful dentist, a wonderful person

“Dr. Mirani is not just a wonderful dentist, she’s a wonderful person! She does fantastic work which she stands by, is reasonably priced, and really cares about her patients. She referred me to a fabulous orthodontist as well. Dr. M, can we clone you so you can take care of my medical needs as well?!”

~ Jhena, Yelp.com

Best dentist I have had as an adult

“Dr. Mirani is the best dentist I have had as an adult. I have been going to her for 5 years and love her gentle manner and calming voice. She is also just an honest, great dentist. I have a huge extended network of friends who go to her, and have sent many people to her. Everyone loves her. She’s done major dental work for some of my friends and they all say she made it a breeze.”

~ Susan, Yelp.com

Gentle, caring, and creative with her solutions

“I have been seeing Dr Mirani for OVER 7 years and have recommended her to ALL of my friends (many of whom now also go to the Fabulous Dr. M and ALL thank me for it!). She is gentle, caring, creative with her solutions to your dental issues, and has THE BEST bedside manner. Her whole crew is amazing and you are shortchanging your dental health if you go anywhere else. AMAZING.”

~ B.K., Yelp.com

Caring, professional, courteous and patient

“What an amazing dentist! She is caring, professional, courteous, and patient. I’ve seen many dentists in the LA area and must say that she is the best. She always puts the needs of her patients above everything else.”

~ Keyvan, Yelp.com

I’ve never had a dentist hand me a mirror and actually show me the bad fillings and cracks.

“I had a filling pop out while I was eating and had to get it fixed before a two-week trip. After some researching, I made an appointment with Dr. Mirani. Her staff was incredibly friendly and patient. I was a little worried when I first got out of the elevator. The decor looked very nice and polished (I love the fish tank), but very calming and quiet. I thought ‘uh-oh ... I’m probably going to have to pay for some of the decor.’ Fortunately, I didn’t have much time so I kept the appointment. Everyone on her staff was very nice and had excellent bedside manners.

“I was very impressed by Dr. Mirani. She took the time to explain my options, her recommendations (which were very noninvasive), and showed me exactly what were her concerns. I’ve never had a dentist hand me a mirror and actually show me the bad fillings and cracks. The front desk went over all the insurance co-insurance amounts and subdued any worries that I’d have to pay a huge out of pocket. They even called me in later in the day to see if I wanted to push up my follow-up because they had a cancellation and they knew I was going on a trip.

“My fillings are fixed and my bite is perfect and now I can enjoy my trip. I would recommend Dr. Mirani and her staff to anybody!”

~ John, Yelp.com

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